Rogers Data Roaming Rates = Extortion!

Every time I travel abroad with a Canadian cell phone I generally assume I am going to get absolutely raped come billing time. As a result, I am very frugal when I use my phone. I try and only use SMS, I keep the phone off most of the time, I turn off the data functions, etc.

Still, it never ceases to amaze me what I get billed when I get home…

For example: 2MB worth of roaming (not Gig!) when I was in Singapore = $100!!

Lets put that in perspective, that is less than 1/3 of the song “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters in Apple’s AAC format. So… if I had a hankering for Everlong whilst in Singapore, it would cost me $300 for the download. It is my favourite song, but it isn’t worth $300 to me, unless maybe I had it played to me in a private session by the band!

For any of you who have been to Singapore, you well know that this is a VERY modern place, with WAY more cell phone infrastructure than my home city of Ottawa, so its not like they are propping up some 3rd world dictatorship with these fees.

&*^% you Rogers! Next time I am unlocking my cell phone, buying a SIM card while traveling, and cutting you out of the money flow entirely.

For my new post on how Rogers is trying to lock you in with a service bundling contract, check out “Rogers Pushes Their Luck”. There is a LOT of fine print when it comes to this new contract, expectially with wireless plans, so have a look!

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