Transit Strike: A Silver Lining

I saw Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien in the Starbucks today, and I almost went up to him to say ‘Hi Larry, I know you are probably taking a lot of flack for the length of the transit strike, but I for one am quite happy about it!’.

I decided not to, for the same reason that I leave other celebrities I see alone:  I am sure they get quite enough of people coming up to talk to then when they are trying to enjoy some down time.

Before I get into my rationale for this statement about the transit strike, and draw the ire of those significantly inconvenienced by it (who I feel for), I want to state that I am pro-public transit, as long as it isn’t me that is using it!  😉

Some reasons why I am enjoying the transit strike:

  • Route 151, which runs right past my house every half hour, no longer ruins the peace and quiet with the loud roar of the bus engine (why do they have to be so damn loud??)
  • Lanes previously reserved for buses only, are now opened up to all traffic, allowing much greater flow of car traffic during off-peak hours
  • I haven’t noticed any change to my morning commute in terms of more traffic, or longer transit time
  • In a time when city budgets are getting strained, and tax hikes are imminent, it seems that one way to save money is not to run buses!
  • The taxi drivers, who until recently were under duress due to high gas prices, now have gas prices halved and more business than they can handle!  They should be happy with this as well!

Anyway, that is my take on the silver lining of this… may the flames commence…

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