Vancouver Chronicles: Joe Fortes

Vancouver: Joe Fortes

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Wow, I thought it would be silly to order steak while in Vancouver when seafood is on the menu, but this place makes a great case for surf & turf!!

While not cheap, it isn’t exclusive either. Expect to spend $60-100 per person depending on how many courses your order.

Our server (Micheal) was fabulous, and more than made up for any confusion at the beginning of our meal where we were left alone for a bit too long before being asked for our drink orders.

Lori had filet mignon with a side of 4-potato gratin, which were both fabulous, and I had a 3-fish selection which included mahi mahi, salmon and halibut. Those mains, the shrimp appetizers and the creme brule dessert were all 10/10.

Lori claims that this was the best meal she has ever had, and I would definitely put it in my top 10!

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