Empirical Analysis: Volvo Drivers Suck?

In response to a good suggestion from Thomas on my earlier post, I decided to do some empirical analysis on the theory of Volvo Driver Suckage.

I found an online quotation tool where I could fix variable like price, security features, mileage, driver, etc. to try and make the comparison as even as possible. I found comparable makes and models, all 4 doors, to get the following numbers:

  • Volvo S60 T5: $1336 a year
  • BMW 328i: $1330 a year
  • Audi A4 3.2: $1317 a year
  • Infinity G35x Sport: $1268
  • Acura TL Type S: $1222 a year

So, assuming all other things are equal (rate of theft, cost to repair, etc.) this data does not lend credibility to the theory, since higher incidents of accidents for a particular type of vehicle should be reflected in a higher insurance rate. While the Volvo is the highest here, it is very close to the BMW, who’s drivers are known for being assholes, nor for being bad drivers (before you flame me, I drive a BMW, so I am poking fun at myself here). This method of analysis appears inconclusive.

I also checked to see if there was any variability for a female driver, but it gave me the exact same quote prices.

Hey Thomas, any theory on how we prove the asshole theory?  🙂

Why Volvo Drivers Suck @ Driving!

I came up with this explanation for what I, and several other people (more than one), have noted about how BAD Volvo drivers are.

Its a theory I would like to test with you:

I was scratching my head over this one, since I actually like Volvo’s, and I know several people who are good drivers that actually drive them, so what gives?!

Well, first off the theory works under the assumption that NOT ALL people who drive Volvo’s suck at driving, just enough of them above the average to make it notable to others.

Here goes the theory: If you are in a relationship with, or friends with, someone that you know is a horrible driver, what kind of car would you recommend or buy for them? I would suspect the recommendation would tend towards VERY SAFE SURVIVABLE vehicles. “My friend/family-member sucks at driving, they are going to get into an accident, so what would I put them in to increase their chances of survival?”

Who has spent more money marketing their vehicles as safe than Volvo? If someone asked you what make of car was safest, I am sure Volvo would be near or at the top of your list!

So this explains the observation… bad drivers are selectively being pushed towards driving Volvos!

What do you think?

Oh, and why this post today? Well, Barry and I witnesses perhaps some of the worst driving today ever from a person in a Volvo!

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