Kevin Thomson & Michelle Tonelli

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I finally got through all the wedding pictures from my weekend wedding marathon (click on this picture to go to the collection on Flickr or click here for a slideshow).

Here are the pictures from Kevin & Michelle’s wedding. As you can see they make an attractive couple. As you will see from the pictures, they laughed, they cried and generally had an excellent wedding!

Thanks for inviting Lori and I, and my parents really enjoyed themselves as well.

It was great catching up with everyone from the old neighbourhood!!

Erika & Brandon’s Wedding Pictures are Finally Up!

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Having attended two weddings this past weekend, I had a lot of photo processing to do. To be fair I am uploading the sets in chronological order, so Kevin and Michelle will have to wait (sorry!).

I hope you enjoy the pictures, it was a very photogenic location with many photogenic people! Especially the bride and groom!

Congrats Erika and Brandon!


Jason & Margo’s Wedding Reception

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While there are many many pictures, this is my favourite, and the one I chose to attach to my blog to let friends and family know that these reception pictures are finally up (make sure to click on the pictures to see the descriptions)!

Barry does do a pretty convincing John Travolta!

I had a great time, thanks to everyone who helped put it together!!


Jason & Margo’s Rehersal Party

A Deliriously Happy Jason

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As I slowly make my way through all the pictures I took on my trip to Saskatoon, I am posting sets to my Flickr account.

This set includes shots from the night before the wedding, at the rehearsal party at Jason’s mom’s house. As you will see it was a pretty packed place, and good fun and good food was had by all.

Thanks to Jason’s mom & Gary for being gracious hosts, and to everyone that helped with the food! It was yummy!

Jason & Margo Smith’s Saskatoon Wedding

I have been busy this past week editing the ~600 photos I took during my visit to Saskatoon. So far I have managed to get through the pictures of the actual service, which was held outdoors (during a brief respite from rain) at the University of Saskatoon campus on August 18th, 2007.

For more photos (just about 100 now) visit my Flickr album.

Off to Toontown…

SK Flag

I don’t think Saskatoon is going to know what hit it. A very large contingent of friends and family are going to participate in Jason & Margo Smith’s wedding this weekend in Saskatoon, and many are traveling from Ottawa (and are serious nutters).

Now, I have slandered the province of Saskatchewan perhaps once, or twice (serious understatement here), which is just silly since I have never been there. But those ‘Saskwaches’, ‘Saskatchewanians’ – need I say more – are easy marks. I am blessed to have worked with many of them, who moved to Ottawa in order to find gainful employment, and to be with people they aren’t related to.

Currently I visualize SK as one big wheat field, interrupted only by the occasional drunk. I will let you all know my impressions when I get back. I will probably take along my camera to document the trip, but I doubt I will bring my extra flash cards, as how many pictures of wheat can you take?? But hey, where there is wheat there is beer, so I am in!

Chat soon,


P.S. I have heard that Saskatoon is really into the CFL and their Roughriders… This I have to confirm: There is a place that cares about the CFL? 😯


So now I am waiting in the Maple Leaf lounge at the Winnipeg airport on a 2 hour stopover on the the way to Saskatoon (such are the charms of flying to nowhere), but I am quite impressed with how flat Manitoba is! I thought SK was supposed to be the flat one, but if it is, I am having a hard time imagining it since MB appears pretty durned flat.

If you can’t already tell, I am about 8 drinks in to my trip (c/o Air Canada) so I think I will be in the right mindset to land in Saskatoon. 🙂

Here is a picture of my buddies (in first class) Laura and Barry (Laura was able to work her Woo magic to get us up in the good seats).

Barry and Laura - In first class

Here is Scott and Karen in the cheap seats:

Scott and Karen in the Cheap Seats

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