I’d Watch Anything by Christopher Nolan

I was watching The Prestige for the second time, and as the credits rolled I noted the director’s name: Christopher Nolan.

I have a really bad memory, but I get feelings about things and I was sure that that name was associated with some other movie that I really enjoyed, so I went to the best movie site online (IMHO) IMDb.com.

Lessee… Christoper Nolan, movies sorted by ratings:

  1. (9.10) – The Dark Knight (2008)
  2. (8.60) – Memento (2000)
  3. (8.40) – The Prestige (2006)
  4. (8.40) – Batman Begins (2005)
  5. (7.60) – Following (1998)
  6. (7.44) – Cinema16: British Short Films (2003) (V)
  7. (7.20) – Insomnia (2002/I)
  8. (7.05) – Doodlebug (1997)

Holy smokes, of the 8 movies he has directed, none rank below a ‘7’ (which is usually enjoyable if not inspiring) and 50% of them rank above an 8.4, which is excellent!!  I would certainly agree with the scores of the top 4 movies, since I have seen and enjoyed them all.

Then I looked at the rankings of the top four, which all appear in the ‘IMDb Top 250‘ which shows that all four are actually in the top 100!  Chris Nolan owns (as of November 5th 2008) positions #97, #82, #28 and #4 which he not only directed, but co-wrote!

While there are several other directors that hold multiple places in the top 100, I can’t think of one who also can claim not to have directed a real stinker; that is some quality control!

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