According to Facebook, more people are satisfied with their jobs than not.

I used Facebook’s new poll utility to try and get a feel from a generic audience (well, a Facebook audience) how satisfied people are with their jobs. Why? Well, more on that later.

Here is the breakdown of how 200 Facebook users felt about the following statement:

“Considering everything, I am satisfied with my job at my current employer”:

ESAT Survey 1

In summary 57% of users were positive about their job satisfaction. That was both interesting and useful to me. For one, it validated averages I had seen elsewhere.

The demographic breakdown added even more interesting detail. First of interest, was how age impacted the survey:

ESAT Survey - By Age

There is a clear trend in the ‘strongly agree’ category as is clearly shown. It seems that people seem to find jobs that satisfy them later in life. While this seems to make intuitive sense, it is a bit surprising to see such a clear trend.

If we look at overall positive scores, it breaks down this way:

Age 13-17: 41% positive (does this mean McJobs aren’t satisfying?)

Age 18-24: 58% positive

Age 25-34: 69% positive

Age 35-49: 63% positive (some people thinking about a second career?)

This is not showing a clear trend, but in this sample size (N=200) and the Facebook demographic clearly favouring the lower ages, I ended up with only a sample size of 8 for the 35-49 category, so it isn’t conclusive. Perhaps next time I will narrow the age range to get more detail on specific ranges.

Now what about the male & female perspective? See below:

ESAT Survey - By Sex

Unfortunately we see another example where it appears there isn’t a level playing field in the work force. Men replied positively 60% of the time, while women replied positively 53% of the time to the same statement. You can see a very large delta in the ‘strongly agree’ response in favour of men.

Now why do I care about all this? Was I dropped on my head at birth? While this won’t conclusively answer the second question, I have taken on a role in my company where I am trying to help improve employee satisfaction. Based on the detail that this survey provided, I am quite happy with the poll tool. If I do some more I will share them with you.

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