About Adrian

Hello & thanks for visiting!

I am primarily using this blog to collect my thoughts, and hopefully get useful feedback (and odd rebuke) when I am talking out my a$$.

You will notice my interests are leadership, organizational behaviour, people development & photography. I will also probably talk a lot about what I am reading.




10 Responses

  1. I’ll read your blog!

  2. Volvo drivers does not like to read you.

    LOL, just kidding, you write interesting blogs..

  3. your tag cloud is interesting, ….Bad,….Drivers,….Drivers,…Volvo,….Volvo,…Drivers Suck,….


    • It really makes me appear quite militant against Volvo drivers no? Not really the truth, I have 2 good friends that are Volvo drivers. I guess the related articles just got a lot of hits! It was quite a scientific analysis really!

  4. Congratulations on your wedding! It has been great visiting with you ad Lori here at the Champlain Hotel. What a delight you two are! Give a wave at our cruise ship as we sail away!

  5. Adrian,

    when is TEDx Ottawa? I’m very intrigued having enjoyed TED now for quite some time..

    …more details please!!!


  6. HI Mrs. Bashford! I was one of your students in Gr. 4 at Greater Gatineau School. Have you had the baby yet? I hope you’re doing fine. Bye! Love, Dakota

    • Hi Dakota,

      Thanks for asking! Mrs. Bashford is getting very close to having the baby, probably in the next couple of weeks, she is due on the 22nd of October!

      She hopes school is going well for you, and will come in and visit Greater Gatineau School before Christmas.

      Thank you for your message.

      Adrian (Mr. Bashford). 🙂

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