A ‘Plathoon’ of Canadian Flags

Visiting the several towns involved in the failed Dieppe Raid, you see more Canadian flags than any place in Canada (with the exception of on Canada Day). It is quite strange to see the maple leaf so prominent on foreign soil!

You can’t help but feel pride in our country when you see how much the locals still remember Canada’s contributions (even in disaster). I hope some day the people of Afghanistan will appreciate the sacrifice of the Canadian casualties as do the French, but somehow I doubt it.
This picture is taken in Pourville-sur-Mer, the location of the most ‘successful’ part of the Dieppe raid, and where Charles Merritt won his Victoria Cross (and survived!). This was actually quite controversial at the time, because strict rules that govern the awarding of the Victoria Cross state that it cannot be given to a soldier that is taken prisoner. It was assumed that when Merritt was left wounded on the beach –holding off the Germans and enabling his men’s escape– that he was killed and not captured, hence his posthumous award which then became non-posthumous (one of the few VC recipients that didn’t die getting it).


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