Sam Roberts: Bronson Centre, January 30, 2008

As an early celebration of Clint’s birthday, we went to the Sam Roberts concert at the Bronson Centre.  I had lived next to the Bronson Centre my first 7 years in Ottawa, and had no idea that it was used for concerts.  Perhaps that is a new thing?  It turns out that it is actually quite a nice venue, with good acoustics.
It wasn’t advertised who the opening band was, but I was really pleasantly surprised to find out (4 songs in, when I recognized ‘Don’t Talk Down’) that it was The Stills, also from MTL (Sam Roberts is).
The Stills at the Bronson Centre Ottawa

The Stills at the Bronson Centre Ottawa

The Stills Set:

  1. … I missed the first two songs before I even realized I was listening to The Stills!
  2. ??
  3. Snow in California
  4. Don’t Talk Down
  5. Snakecharming the Masses  (introduced as the ‘f-ing masses’)
  6. Lola Stars and Stripes
  7. Panic
  8. Hands on Fire
  9. ??
  10. Being Here

They did an awesome live version of ‘Being Here’ which really ended their set on a high note!  This was a great bonus to the Sam Roberts show.

Sam Roberts at the Bronson Centre

Sam Roberts at the Bronson Centre

Sam Roberts Set:

  1. Love At the End of the World
  2. The Resistance
  3. Fixed to Ruin
  4. Hard Road
  5. Stripmall Religion
  6. Bridge to Nowhere
  7. Up Sister
  8. Where Have All the Good People Gone ***
  9. An American Draft Dodger In Thunder Bay
  10. Lions of the Kalahari
  11. Them Kids
  12. Brother Down.***
  13. ??  Not sure if this was just an extended ‘Brother Down’ “Got something to live for…” in the lyrics


  1. Detroit ’67
  2. Words & Fire
  3. Mind Flood

Sam Roberts is GREAT live!

Mind Flood was an interesting choice to finish off the set.  I think it must have gone on for 10+ minutes in a very ‘psychalelic’ rendition that made me think I was at a Pink Floyd concert, pot smoke and all.

Sam Roberts is a class act, I was really impressed that at the close of his set he must have spend 5-10 minutes leaning off the state shaking hands with the front three rows of people against the stage.  This wasn’t your politician giving a quick hand shake to every person, but a solid handshake while the made eye contact and said something to each person (can anyone comment below on what he said?).  A lot of work, but I am sure each one of those people are a fan for life!

If you have any corrections on the set list, or other comments, I would be very happy to hear from you!


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