What is So Great About ‘Old Fashioned’ Values?

I am always puzzled when people talk about bringing back ‘Old Fashioned’ values.  To what magical time in history to they refer?

It seems to me that we have made a lot of progress on values, and I can think of no time in history where people were as tolerant to those with different religions, sexual preferences, political views as today.  Generally the freedom to live your life unmolested by the view of others is about as good as it has ever been.

Some examples of old fashioned values:

  • It is much more important for your child to have a married male and female parent than for you to be are nurturing of the child, love your partner, or have the resources to raise the child
  • You should judge the value of people by the colour of their skin
  • If you see someone that acts unusual, doesn’t fit in, or follow the rules, you better burn them because they are probably a witch
  • Women don’t deserve to be treated equally, or have control of their lives
  • That your should be intolerant for religions other than the one sanctioned by your state
  • If people are happily living their lives, and not hurting anyone else, you should intervene if they don’t agree with your values
  • Your understanding of the world should be based purely on what you can observe:  If you dance, and it rains, dancing must bring the rain!
  • If someone pokes out your eye, you should poke out theirs
  • You are destined to be as bad, or as good, as your parents

That said, there are MANY parts of the world where you can still find these old fashioned values in great quantity.  I welcome those who so desire ‘Old Fashioned Values’ to get on a plane to one of these places, and see if they would rather live there.


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  1. Very insightful (and true). People tend towards remembering the good and letting the wrongs of the past slowly fade out of their memory. Thus it’s easy to wax nostalgic about the good ol’ days, while forgetting about the idiotic ideas that were adopted as “values.”

    Reverting to anything we deem as “old-fashioned” is a dangerous notion – it disregards the changes in our societies and ways of thinking that have occured since these “old days.” We can learn from the past, but should never revert back to it. It’s just a preposterous! 🙂 Great post Adrian.

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