Does Your Remote Know That You’re Drunk?

There is a lot of innovation going on in the advertising world, where advancements in the internet and cable TV systems allow potential advertisers to get much more information about the people they are trying to get their products in front of.

This greater knowledge allows an advertiser to buy advertising that is much more likely to be viewed by people that would be influenced to buy their product.

A great example is to do a search for ‘mesothelioma‘ via Google.  If you look on the Google sidebar (on the right) you will notice that most of the spots -which are all paid for- are taken by law firms.

Very few cancers have a well established causal relationship to a specific souce (lung cancer and smoking being one of the others).  Mesothelioma is almost always caused by exposure to asbestos.  This allows lawyers to sue your previous employer, landlord, etc. for ‘causing’ your cancer by causing you to be exposed to this dangerous (but popular) building substance.  This has become a very lucrative business for lawyers that specialize in meothelioma.

Therefore, if you are searching for ‘mesothelioma’ on Google, you, or someone you care about, is likely a potential client for these law firms.  This has made this word the most valuable search word on the internet.  It is also this targeted advertising capability that makes Google worth ~$100 billion.

So, what is my idea?

Well, how much more would you be willing to pay for advertising space, if you knew for a fact that your customer was intoxicated?

Here is a scenario:  You get home from the bar with a serious case of the munchies, and turn on your TV.  A sensor in the remote detects the alcohol in the air from the breath you are exhaling.  This information sent into the network which has the capability to send specific advertisements to your TV.  Pizza Pizza, who has paid extra for this priviledge, sends an advertisement or email to your TV:

Click ‘order’ to accept this 5 minute offer for a Supreme Meat & Cheese Lover’s Pizza with 6 bottles of water and a package of Tylenol for the low price of $35!!

I think this is the beginning of ‘State-based Marketing’.  😉


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