Rogers Throttling 3G Services?

Being involved in the telecom business, I was really curious to see how Rogers was going to deal with the sudden bandwidth demands placed on their network with the launch of the 3G iPhone.  When the iPhone was launched, there were many network hiccups as the Rogers call centre was flooded with all the new activations when the lines of customers finally got their hands on a coveted iPhone.  But I expected that to be only the start of the network challenges!

I was pretty happy to see that when I got my new 3G phone, my data rate was significantly higher than that of my original iPhone.  I was regularly seeing data rates of 350 kbps (up and down) instead of the ~100 kbps with the original.  Honestly I was a little bit surprised (and impressed) that Rogers was that prepared to handle all the extra data.  To suddenly handle a 3-fold increase in bandwidth rate AND the significant increase in actual data passing over the network (iPhone users surf a lot more than users of other phones, and also watch movies over the internet) requires a significant investment in network infrastructure.

Then I started to notice the data rates dropping off consistently a couple of days ago.  I am only getting around 150 kbps now, and this seems to be consistent all over town.  I am starting to think that Rogers has squeezed down on the size of the pipe they are offering their 3G customers to ease strain on their network due to the sudden increase in demand.

Please let me know by your comments below if you are experiencing any similar experience with Rogers in Ottawa or other areas, or if you have any inside knowledge of Rogers current policies on this.


Oh, and I still love my iPhone.


11 Responses

  1. Ha… No sooner that I write a blog post that speeds pick up again!

    Now up to over 500 Kbps in Westboro.

  2. Now seeing up to 800 Kbps…

    Moral: If you want faster data rates from your carrier, complain on your blog! 😉

  3. And posted a summary of a Wired survey of 3G phone rates, that said Canada was second in speed (after T-mobile in Europe) in data rates worldwide with a speed of 1,330 kbps!!

    I have certainly not seen that yet, and my average is MUCH lower. I have also had several days where it did not seem to work at all (last Friday and Saturday) which was confirmed by other users.

    Anyway, I tend to like Wired as a source… the summary is here:

  4. Hmmm… still really spotty. Saw from 200 to 700 kpps today download speeds. Still very inconsistent.

    At least since turning off push, the battery lasts a reasonable amount of time!

  5. Rogers sucks!

  6. I’ve noticed that my 3g speed is way down. I’m in London, Ontario with 5 bars. I used to get 1100-1300 kbps, now I’m getting 300-500 kbps. I did upgrade to the new firmware 2.1 on Friday so it’s either that or now Rogers is throttling iphone 3g speeds. Keep posting your speeds everyone!!

  7. I’ve already upgraded to 2.1 and I am getting 1150 down 175 up. The network rates appear to be quite sporadic!

    However, when I sit down at the coffee shop, it is pretty rare when I don’t see at least 2-3 others with 3G devices (and mostly iPhones), so it might be that there is heavy use when I test. I keep testing and getting the same rates over a 10 minute period, so it then makes me doubt that…

  8. Using Xtreme Speedtest today:
    D 487 kbps (563 kbps peak)
    U 203 (254) kbps

    This is near Scott and Lanark.

  9. Just ran a test using dsl reports and got 355….horrible!
    was in the states two weeks ago in Florida and turned off my WIFI to see the speeds and I got and it was incredible…never had that expirience here on Rogers 3G…I think they still have a lot of work to do…unfortunately we are paying 3G rates and getting Bad G performance.

  10. forgot to mention I was on AT&T 3G

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