Helicopters Aid OPP to Catch Speeders

You may have noticed new white lines painted on Ontario roads patrolled by the OPP. These lines, perpendicular to the direction of traffic and spaced out 1/2 km apart, are used by police aircraft to calculate the vehicle’s speed which is then radioed ahead to waiting officers.

So pay attention when you see these lines, and check the skies to see if you are being watched!

One Response

  1. So how does that work? A speeding ticket has to be given to a driver and not a car. There is a potential that the OPP waiting ahead is unable to confirm who was driving at the time of the speed calculation by the aircrew who are also unable confirm who was driving. If the vehicle is not tracked continuously, which would have to documented for court, from speed calculation to the waiting officer, then I believe you could challenged the ticket in court and come out winning. We should not have a legal system where people have become passive and all accepting of big brother technologies. This is where the non voting majority is screwing out society.

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