Packaging is Evil!

I don’t know what happened to the environmental lobby, but when it comes to packaging they seem to be asleep at the wheel.

You know the packaging I am talking about, that form-fitting hard plastic stuff that seems to be wrapping everything these days.  Retailers might explain that it is for theft prevention, making the product more pleasing on the shelf, or perhaps it protects the products from humidity during transit.  I suppose that makes some sense since most of these items are produces in ‘sweat shops’ in China and Indonesia; I imagine a sweat shop would have pretty high humidity!

I find opening this packaging typically has one or all three of the following outcomes: you get really pissed off, you hurt yourself or you damage the product.  Maybe there is some accounting shenanigans here, if a customer returns a damaged product, do they still get to count it as revenue, and then write off the damaged product in some tax-friendly way?  Ah, the conspiracy theory!

I recently picked up a Western Digital hard drive from Costco, and I managed to do all three!  Now, I am on the clumsy side, but a quick Google search netted a 2005 statistic that  207,680 people were hospitalized by packaging related injuries! So I guess I am not the only handy man in town!

Perhaps the real winner in all this are all the companies that make the specialized products designed to open these evil packages! Apparently they were a hot item over Christmas!


One Response

  1. Oh jeez, I HATE THAT PACKAGING. I have NO idea how to open it. I always pull on it a bit first — to see if somebody has introduced a handy hinge or something in the last few years — and then I try to cut it with scissors — impossible because the package bulges out in so many ways, and the scissors just get dull — and finally I take a kitchen knife to it.

    Then I throw it in a garbage and think “what a fricking WASTE.”

    Remember when CDs used to be packaged in “longboxes” to prevent theft? Consumer pressure managed to get those things nixed. I wonder why it’s never happened with this plastic bubble stuff.

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