Rogers Data Roaming Rates = Extortion!

Every time I travel abroad with a Canadian cell phone I generally assume I am going to get absolutely raped come billing time. As a result, I am very frugal when I use my phone. I try and only use SMS, I keep the phone off most of the time, I turn off the data functions, etc.

Still, it never ceases to amaze me what I get billed when I get home…

For example: 2MB worth of roaming (not Gig!) when I was in Singapore = $100!!

Lets put that in perspective, that is less than 1/3 of the song “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters in Apple’s AAC format. So… if I had a hankering for Everlong whilst in Singapore, it would cost me $300 for the download. It is my favourite song, but it isn’t worth $300 to me, unless maybe I had it played to me in a private session by the band!

For any of you who have been to Singapore, you well know that this is a VERY modern place, with WAY more cell phone infrastructure than my home city of Ottawa, so its not like they are propping up some 3rd world dictatorship with these fees.

&*^% you Rogers! Next time I am unlocking my cell phone, buying a SIM card while traveling, and cutting you out of the money flow entirely.

For my new post on how Rogers is trying to lock you in with a service bundling contract, check out “Rogers Pushes Their Luck”. There is a LOT of fine print when it comes to this new contract, expectially with wireless plans, so have a look!

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  1. Just got off the phone with Rogers “Customer Service”. I travelled to Germany and used my iPhone for just two days.

    Rogers charged me for 22 MB on these two days $1148.

    In my opinion this is ridiculous!

    If I wouldn’t have stopped using my Rogers phone after two days and used it for the rest of my stay (14 days) my phone bill would be $8036… just for data usage.

    At Rogers they think this is a valid price.

    I am recommending everybody with a similiar experience to call Customer Service and be tough! Don’t speak to normal call center staff. Ask for a supervisor.

    I got a 50% discount on the data bill. That’s still more than $25 per megabyte. Compared to the $3 per megabyte for over plan usage a total rip-off.

    If I would treat my customers that way… I would be bankrupt within no time.

  2. Oh wow!

    I feel for you!

    I have also heard of similar stories of US iPhone customers getting similarly huge bills when travelling to Canada and roaming on Rogers network (like $10K!).

    I think that was for much higher quantities of data though… the iPhone can really push the bits.

    Thanks for sharing your story, and the discount you managed to swing!


  3. !@#! rogers is right! It must be nice to be Ted Rogers, to be able to rape your customers due to the fact there’s no other fair company in canada to go to! These companies are a joke…..where’s the government looking out for fair pricing by these !@@HOLES!

  4. Does anyone have a solution? I would have thought it was possible to pay upfront for a reasonable amount of roaming data. It is sad since I think the data access is really great when traveling.

  5. “&*^% you Rogers! Next time I am unlocking my cell phone, buying a SIM card while traveling, and cutting you out of the money flow entirely.”

    Just FYI, when I travelled to Scotland this year, this is exactly what I did, using Vodaphone as a carrier. They had really reasonable pay-as-you-go data plans which allowed me to use my iPhone but limit the amount of potential $$ damage.


  6. And get this… 15 SMS text messages from the US to Canada: $9!!

  7. […] top post, which still receives more hits a day than any other post, is a rant about the high data roaming charges that Rogers bills its customers, which I experienced on my trip to Asia earlier this year.  […]

  8. As long as there is no competition, Rogers will continue to charge ridiculous rates on roaming for us.

    What i did was buy a SIM Card from RoamForce ( – they have a post paid usage model. Only pay for what you use. Rates are way better too (i.e $0.29 /min in the US).

  9. Hi am sick and tired of this company. Just gets my blood boiling!

    I got my phone downgraded because I couldnt keep up with the high bills, which I am seriously thiking they f*cked around with and then they charge for the phone when I am not even using it!! What a joke! this compnay is f*cked. Must be nice to F8ck over your customers like this.

    How the hell can we change the system, its not right, nor is it fair!


  10. I also live in Ottawa and was just in Antigue for a week without being aware of these ridiculous roaming rates. I have a Bell iphone 4 and was sent a message that I used $398.00 for about 8 Meg of info. Called Bell and told them this was outrageous and they just said this was industry norm. Every time I turn on my car’s GPS, it roams to find satellites with no charge. I can probably talk to the mars rover for cheaper than this. I have since contacted my travel agent to suggest that every traveller get warnings about these rates and what to do about it in their travel package. I hope this will eventually bring down revenues for these extortionists.


    • “Called Bell and told them this was outrageous and they just said this was industry norm.” It’s a shame that the ‘industry norm’ is to create a very adversarial relationship with their customers.

      Case in point… 2 days after the end of my billing cycle I get 3 SMS notices that ‘you are at 100% of your data plan’, ‘you have been billed $50 for overage’, ‘you have been billed $100 for overage’. What is wrong with this? Well, #1 a message 2 days late doesn’t do me much good, #2, I am paying $30 for my first 6GB and $150 for my next 3GB, #3, based on how flaky their website has been lately, I have very little trust that I actually even used 9GB (supposedly, I used >6GB in one day)… what universe does that make sense in?

      Luckily, I have all sorts of Rogers services that I can cancel in retaliation. 🙂

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