Awww What a Cute Couple!

Awww What a Cute Couple!

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For anyone who hasn’t already found this out, I wanted to use the VAST readership of my blog to make sure that EVERYONE knows about this, and to give Barry the obligatory hard time.

Some reasons to give Barry a hard time (please feel free to add in the comments below):

1. Barry decided to wait until Laura moved 16,000km+ away BEFORE starting a relationship… DUH!

2. If you see Barry, you know he didn’t get any for at least the last 24 hours, and won’t for at least the next 24.

3. While Barry & Laura were keeping their passion a secret, good friends set Barry up with HOT & LOCAL women, which he had to spurn in favour of his remote lust-muffin.

4. Barry spent $2000 on his first date. Has anyone who isn’t on a reality TV show done this??

5. Ask Barry what he really thought you meant when you asked him ‘if he wanted to eat out at Singapore’??

6. Barry must believe that opposites really do attract! Could he have found anyone so ‘opposite’ from his triathlon-competing self?

7. Barry worked with Laura for 3+ years and STILL wants to go out with her… DUH!

On the plus side, kudos to Barry for going out on a BIG limb for his first date. That would have been a LOOOONG flight home if he got dumped. 😉

If you feel like donating Barry some of your Aeroplan miles so that he can get some, please use his ID# 720 149 394.

3 Responses

  1. Barry informed me that I had the wrong Aeroplan number. The correct one is: 936 462 605

  2. …and that he is moving to Singapore on Thursday.

  3. Way to go Barry!!! I followed Heather across the country so I know how it feels. As for Bashford’s list, don’t fret, he probably spent more putting the Beemer away for the winter… Take care, best of luck and keep in touch.

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