My Longest Day

Singapore Changi Airport

Originally uploaded by Adrian F1

After some sleep I have a chance to contemplate my record travel day: 30 hours of travel, and 16,390 kms all in one day (Singapore – Seoul – Vancouver – Ottawa)!

Due to crossing the national date line during my flight, all of my flights actually occurred within the 19th of January, also making this my longest day at 37 hours.

Unfortunately for me, I am not one of these people who can sleep on planes. Even with some extra space on one of the three flights, a blindfold and sound isolating earphones I think I managed to nod off for maybe 45 minutes during those 30 hours!

During my 4 hour stopover in Vancouver, I actually had to stay standing, because if I sat down I would have surely fallen asleep and missed my flight.

Anyway, I am home safe and sound after an EXCELLENT trip to Vancouver and Southeast Asia! Check out all the pictures here.

A special thanks to Laura for hosting me in Singapore, Leigh and Chad for showing us around in Vancouver, and finally Todd and Marianne for inviting us to their wedding in Kamloops!

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