Idea of the Day: Spiking Food Aid

I was watching BBC World (the only channel my dad watches), and they were talking about how food aid to war torn countries may be misappropriated for use by warring factions.

So, being a good Canadian, the obvious solution to this would be to genetically spike our food aid with THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) for use in war-torn nations.

Think about it, what if the warring factions were to steal the food and end up really stoned?

If the food got to the people who it was originally intended, would getting high not help them deal with their adverse reality?

In one stroke we may end famine AND the war… “Peace dude!”:D


One Response

  1. This is second only to train airbags as “latest, greatest idea!”

    Like Jacob’s Ladder, but everybody hugs.

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