First Signs That You Are Old…

  1. You start to envy that girl in high school that had a kid at 16… her kids are in university and you have yet to experience diapers.
  2. You have trouble recognizing the photo on your employee badge.
  3. All ‘new’ music just sounds like the same stuff done over
  4. You start getting younger friends so that you can talk about something other than kids.
  5. That second career starts crossing your mind.
  6. All the big names in professional sports are younger than you.
  7. You think about having kids, not because you want to, but because you are worried about running out of energy.
  8. You feel silly walking into a night club.
  9. Weeks pass as quickly as days did in your teens.
  10. There is no longer any black and white… it is all shades of grey (including your hair).

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