Bacon Wrapped Chocolate

Ever notice that you can dip just about anything (ants?) in chocolate netting improvement, and wrap things in bacon with similar effect?

But bacon-wrapped chocolate just doesn’t work.

But to be honest… I haven’t actually tried it… hmmm…

For the record:

Favourite bacon wrapped item: Scallops

Favourite chocolate covered item: Marisa Miller


4 Responses

  1. Hmmm…chocolate bacon! That actually MIGHT be good, if the bacon is really crispy.

    I used to love spreading peanut butter on summer sausage, rolling the summer sausage up (so the peanut butter was inside), and eating it. A salty explosion. But it only worked with the less greasy types of summer sausage.

    If I tried it now I’d probably vomit.

  2. I actually noticed on my stats page that someone had actually searched for “bacon-wrapped chocolate” and landed on this page. I then did a Google search, and found that this page is the #1 hit for “bacon-wrapped chocolate”…

    Perhaps I should get into the “bacon-wrapped chocolate” business. 😉

  3. A year and a half of waiting… and Amber finds me the answer:

    It tastes like ass…

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