Creating an RSS Feed and Why?

This is just a quick post for some of my friends who have blogs and don’t have an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed set up.

It is super easy to do, just go to Feedburner and set up an account.


  • It allows people to subscribe to your blog
  • It allows people to read your posts from RSS readers, which can expand your audience, or just make it more convenient for your existing readers.
  • Some devices, like Blackberries and mobile phones, actually prefer the more simplified RSS feeds, making it easier for people to read your blog from a mobile phone or ‘Crackberry’
  • RSS provides the content in such a way that the bandwidth used is also limited, which is good for people with slow internet connections or using mobile devices
  • Haven’t you always wanted to be ‘Syndicated’?

Once you have set up your account on Feedburner, you can track how many subscribers you have.

Also, it is worthwhile to add a button to your site that allows people to subscribe. This is also easy to do, but differs on each site (so I guess I can say on WordPress it is easy to do) so I won’t post instructions here.

Depending on what kind of browser you are using, this will look different, but here is a link to what this blog looks like as an RSS feed.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the advice! That was my morning project, and it actually seems to have worked!

  2. No problem, I have now subscribed to your rss feed from my Blackberry!

  3. You poor soul! I’ll try to make it worth your while. 🙂

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