Doubling my stake in AAPL again…

Apple LogoOnce the market opens I am doubling my stake (going back to my position of about a week ago) because I think AAPL is going to blow away their numbers today and even at the current high valuation this has (in my opinion) not been factored in.

Most notable will be the revenue numbers from carriers due to the iPhone service kickbacks. I think this article captures it nicely.

The biggest news, says PiperJaffray’s Gene Munster, is likely to be the disclosure for the first time of how much revenue Apple has been collecting — and amortizing over 24 months — from AT&T (T) for iPhone sales and monthly user fees. The precise terms of Apple’s revenue-sharing arrangements with cellular carriers here and abroad have been, until now, a closely held secret. Munster estimates that the AT&T deal could add $10.6 million to Apple’s bottom line in Q4 alone.

Apple’s earning call is scheduled for after market close today, so it will be interesting to see what the stock does during the course of trading today.


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