Apple (AAPL): Doubling My Stake

Apple LogoThe press and analyst commentary on Steve Job’s ‘iPology’ is absolute garbage, I see this as a buying opportunity and I am doubling my stake at $131.19.

I am very happy to see most of the commentary completely ignores the voice and data revenue from service provider plans!

[September 10th] Late breaking… My comment above regarding ‘garbage commentary’ wouldn’t be complete without Scott Moritz weighing in, the king of OpEd analyst pieces. Don’t bother reading it (I am not providing the link) but basically blah, blah, blah, the rumours I posted must be right based on the announcement, no 3G before Christmas, AAPL is going to have a ‘Cold Christmas’. Yah right…

I thought that the iPhone was going to be dead in the water because it didn’t have 3G. To my surprise, users confirmed that it was actually really a great phone and the 2.5G didn’t seem to be an issue. They didn’t do 3G for the same reason RIM took so long to come out with a colour Blackberry, they needed the technology to suit the user experience. That is, if you can’t get batteries to run the device long enough (3G is a power hog) then people are going to have a crappy user experience. They will do 3G when they can come up with a device that will hit their internal targets for battery life.

Apple, like RIM, put the user experience ahead of ‘specmanship’, and that is why their customers love them.


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