This Would Make Me Buy an iPhone…

Being one of the more tech-obsessed people that my friends and family know, I have faced the question several times already: “When are you going to buy an iPhone?”

The fact is, I am not as much of an early adopter as many people think. I didn’t get my first Blackberry until then integrated proper cell phone functionality (read – no ear bud required) and I could justify its price as a converged PDA / Cell Phone. The reason for this, is I got burned early on being an early adopter several times before, with shoddy products.

The most grievous case of this was one of the ‘XDA’s which was a PDA/Phone that ran a Microsoft OS. To this day I don’t know why I thought Microsoft could build a reasonable OS for a compact device, since they can’t do it on today’s best desktop systems. Crash, crash and more crash…

Unlike other first forays into a market, Apple seems to have knocked one out of the park the first time. I am convinced the iPhone is a good product, worthy of my money. However, Canadians get absolutely ripped off when it comes to wireless internet. I had 7 MEG (not GIG) of overage on my ‘unlimited’ Rogers plan this month which cost me $50! So a phone that would tempt me to use even more bandwidth would be a bad thing!  The other reason is, I am perfectly happy with my Blackberry 8700. Aside from Bluetooth related reboots (I think my car has a Microsoft OS, which probably is to blame), it is perfect for my needs.

Then I read this article, yikes!!  Microsoft might buy RIM, the maker of my trusty Blackberry!?  How long would it take them to ruin a perfectly good thing?  Not long methinks…

I think this would be the right thing for Microsoft to do:  It would give them credibility in the PDA, cell phone and wireless e-mail space in one very-foul swoop (yes, I know its ‘fell’, but allow me my creative license).  But a disaster for RIM in my opinion.

The first thing I would do if this happens, is to buy an iPhone.  🙂


2 Responses

  1. Mr. Bashford looks to me to be the early adopter. I am the one who is continuously buying the new technology and discovering it deficiencies. As soon as, the iPhone is available in Canada I am getting one. In fact, now that you can buy an unlocked iPhone, I think might get one sooner. The only thing that I tend to be a slow adopter of is technology that drives a new monthly service charge. Never got a blackberry with unlimited data at $100 per month, do not download ring tones, only ever purchased two songs form iTunes, Xbox Live subscription is just wrong, Microsoft Live OneCare is extortion, TiVo service is very expensive, never just the airplane satellite phone, do not buy into VoD at $5 per movie, I am never going to pay for satellite radio, would not pay for online photo storage, etc. Anyone else feel that the new technology based services are a rip or is it the fact that I know the cost models and hate getting ripped off for service providers for what they call value add.

  2. As a follow up… I actually bought 2 iPhones even though Microsoft didn’t buy RIM. An EDGE version which I ran hacked on Rogers network, and the new 3G version.

    Love ’em.

    What got me to buy one? Well my trusty Blackberry 8700 died an early death after spending a night in a puddle of slush.

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