Avoidable Highway Carnage?

My good friend Manish posted the following comment on Facebook today:

“Manish Patel is sad, as he is mourning the loss of a friend. Ryan, you were a great guy and a wonderful father and fiancee – you will be sadly missed by everyone who knew you..”

My first thought was that I had actually witnessed the remains of this crash. I mean, how many deadly cross-over crashes can happen in the same general area in one weekend? It turns out I was wrong, and the parallels between them are very tragic.

Today I did a bit of research into the death of Ryan Taylor, this was in a cross-over crash on a highway with a long record of such crashes (Hwy 6 stretch south of the 401), and the second crash in two days on pieces of road where there have long been demands to make them divided highways. The one I witnessed, which was a crossover crash on Highway 7/8 near the Courtland ramp in Kitchener, was so brutal that I was surprised to find out that only one person was killed at the scene. There was actually a third fatal crash involving a Kitchener area man this weekend, on the 401, the only one that wasn’t a crossover.

I grew up in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, and used to drive that stretch of Hwy 6 every other weekend when I was attending school in Hamilton. I always noted with interest the commentary that came up every time such a cross-over crash occurred: “Fatal crash renews calls for barriers on Highway [insert 6 South or the 7&8]”.

I don’t know what the MTO uses to determine where money should be spent on divided highways, but it doesn’t appear to be body count…

My sincerest sympathies to the family and friends of all those involved in those three tragic accidents.


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