Its Not So Much That I Love Macs, its that I Have a Seething Hatred of PCs…

I’ll admit, I am an odd-duck… My company offers me a brand new laptop with Windows XP with which to do my work. The hardware is beautiful, a nice compact HP with all the bells and whistles. So what do I do? I follow one of my co-workers lead and buy, with my own money, a MacBook, so that I can spend less wasting all of my time on the BS that comes with a Microsoft OS.

I think, conservatively, that I save 1/2 a day a week by NOT having to wait for patches, reboots, shutdown, startup, hibernate, virus scans, and unexplained long pauses where the PC appears to be off calculating the interest on Bill Gate’s fortune.

Every once in a while, I get back to a Windows PC to help a friend, and the rage builds instantly, almost without exception. English is a weak language with which to express feelings, so simply saying I have a insatiable seething hatred for Windows, doesn’t quite capture it. Think more of the ‘rage’ infected zombies from 28 Days Later* … now you are getting close; even strong medication doesn’t seem to help. *Brilliant movie, by the way!

The most recent example was the ‘simple’ task of getting a PC to work with a wireless access point. Oh my god, after 4 minutes waiting for it to wake up, I couldn’t get it to work, even after having to fiddle with the WAP itself and turning off all security settings. Meanwhile, my Mac, attached to the same WAP, adapted to the settings changes and stayed connected. I suppose I should have just rebooted the PC which appears to be the solution for everything. I think I have rebooted my Mac about 5-10 times in the several months I have owned it! I had to reboot my friends PC at least 10 times just to reinstall XP and add all the patches.

The most often pushback I hear about people not wanting to move to a Mac (Linux is good too, but not great for noobs), is the additional cost.

You have to ask yourself, what is your time and patience worth? For a business, the business case for a Mac these days must be ridiculously simple. For one, most of they corporate process applications are web based these days anyway, so changing platforms isn’t the big deal it used to be. The IT costs must be SIGNIFICANTLY lower, which is likely why most IT departments continue to promote Windows, and hence their job security.

If I use my 0.5 days a week as a benchmark (again conservative) and use an example loaded labour rate of say $100K a year, that is ~$10K in savings a year for one employee!! It seems that companies are moving to longer and longer refresh cycles for computers so that Mac could save >$50K over its lifetime! It seems Apples are under priced! This is without considering the IT savings and ESAT benefits that would result in better productivity. If the employees are anything like me, there would also be health benefits from lower blood pressures!!

If you know of corporations using primarily Macs, please let me know in the comments below; I want to invest in them! They have a significant competitive advantage!

2 Responses

  1. So true … So true…. I see a MAC in my future. My current work laptop is one of those new ones that Mr Bashford speaks about. But the problem is not just with XP, it is the 30 extra process that IS installs to ‘secure’ the system. At any one point in time the system is running 80 to 90 process and the 1GB of memory is at 85%. When the new backup software kicks in the machine comes to a standstill, so much for VoIP and taking customer calls on the new machine. Yet another cost for of using XP, i.e. the cost to have to go back to standard long distance and land line because the computer is too busy doing other stuff.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I absolutely love using my MacBook, especially at work. I too turned down the HP laptop in favor of spending my own money to purchase a MacBook for personal and work use.

    It has drastically improved my quality of work and enjoyment. I no longer fight with windows to do a simple task I simply use a system that doesn’t get in my way.

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