It Can Be Done!

Originally uploaded by Adrian F1
I usually specialized in pictures of Laura contorting her face or gesticulating wildly (or both simultaneously), but yesterday I actually got a notably GOOD picture.

Fortuitous timing, since my good friend is about to leave us for at least a year, if not more, based on all the cool opportunities she will learn about whilst doing her MBA in Singapore.

Hmmm… it sounds like I am writing this blog entry to people that don’t know her… lets change gears.

Fellow Laura fans, help me send her off with your comments below on the ways you will miss Laura.

I will miss:

  • My sushi buddy
  • Her slapstick humour (sometimes intentional sometimes not)
  • Uncanny feats of flexibility due to Laura being composed primarily of connective tissue
  • Her sarcastic wit
  • Her other various forms of humour including Haiku
  • Her massive, massive brain, which she uses for mostly good not evil
  • One of my bestest friends!

One Response

  1. Thank you for the terrific sendoff, Adrian! I sure miss you guys already.

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