Any Idea What this Plane Is?!

I saw this plane while waiting at Ottawa Airport (YOW) for a flight to Winnipeg. I suspect it has something to do with the National Research Council which does a lot of work out of that airport.

Strange Plane

While the strange nose probably indicates extra avionics or other sensory equipment, the two things that really strike me are the big ‘sunroof’ on the top and the extra engine attached near the cockpit?!

The extra engine is only on the right side of the plane, not the left.

Is this used for testing engines??

Any info you could provide would be appreciated in the comments below:


5 Responses

  1. It is indeed interesting. But it doesn’t appear to be an NRC aircraft – here is their list of fixed wing:

  2. My buddy Peter (x-aviation engineer and all-round smart guy) figured out what the plane is…

    “Boeing 720-023B owned and operated by Pratt & Whitney as an engine test bed (the emblem on the tail was the giveaway)”

    Check some photos and more information here…

  3. That’s a pretty cool plane! When I flew out to Calgary, I saw an Antonov AN-124 at Pearson… You can’t imagine how big that thing is until you see it next to other large aircraft – it dwarfs them!

    Here are some pic of it:

  4. Wow! It’s like a huge PTO (Power TakeOff) from a tractor!

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