Off to Toontown…

SK Flag

I don’t think Saskatoon is going to know what hit it. A very large contingent of friends and family are going to participate in Jason & Margo Smith’s wedding this weekend in Saskatoon, and many are traveling from Ottawa (and are serious nutters).

Now, I have slandered the province of Saskatchewan perhaps once, or twice (serious understatement here), which is just silly since I have never been there. But those ‘Saskwaches’, ‘Saskatchewanians’ – need I say more – are easy marks. I am blessed to have worked with many of them, who moved to Ottawa in order to find gainful employment, and to be with people they aren’t related to.

Currently I visualize SK as one big wheat field, interrupted only by the occasional drunk. I will let you all know my impressions when I get back. I will probably take along my camera to document the trip, but I doubt I will bring my extra flash cards, as how many pictures of wheat can you take?? But hey, where there is wheat there is beer, so I am in!

Chat soon,


P.S. I have heard that Saskatoon is really into the CFL and their Roughriders… This I have to confirm: There is a place that cares about the CFL? 😯


So now I am waiting in the Maple Leaf lounge at the Winnipeg airport on a 2 hour stopover on the the way to Saskatoon (such are the charms of flying to nowhere), but I am quite impressed with how flat Manitoba is! I thought SK was supposed to be the flat one, but if it is, I am having a hard time imagining it since MB appears pretty durned flat.

If you can’t already tell, I am about 8 drinks in to my trip (c/o Air Canada) so I think I will be in the right mindset to land in Saskatoon. 🙂

Here is a picture of my buddies (in first class) Laura and Barry (Laura was able to work her Woo magic to get us up in the good seats).

Barry and Laura - In first class

Here is Scott and Karen in the cheap seats:

Scott and Karen in the Cheap Seats

One Response

  1. Saskatoon has seen foreigners before and will see them again. I doubt you will be noticed.

    Smith? Sounds like a made up name.

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