X-ray Vision-proof Your Panties

MySpace RIP

Several weird things today, so far they seem unrelated…

1) Wired Magazine (I’m a subscriber) has a short article by Brian Ashcraft on a new brand of panties that are made of a nylon and polyurethane weave to block: perverts with X-ray vision. Wha? I know, who would have thought that by messing around with the night-vision mode (available on many consumer video cameras), they would actually figure out a way to penetrate a layer of clothing… hence the panty counter-measures.

No word on how comfortable, or more importantly breathable, these new panties are…

2) I gave up on MySpace today. I haven’t looked at it in some time, and Facebook is so much more useful for keeping in touch with people, so I canceled my MySpace account. Besides, MySpace is just for dirts anyway. 😉

3) Bumper sticker that made me smile today: “Dog is my co-pilot!”

That is all, as you were…


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