Using photos from other people on your Blog…

If you are a blogging noob like myself, you probably didn’t give much thought to adding photos to your Blog that you might not own. It was only in retrospect that I realized that some of my posts included photo’s which I did not check the usage rights on! Yikes!

In searching for the best way to add photos from others, I came across this great post which shows some easy ways to get good photos on your blog, without any legal issues!

The easiest approach is to leverage a photo site that allows you to search for items that are posted with a Creative Commons License. The advanced search feature of Flickr offers this feature (go down to the check box that says “ “).

Read more about Creative Commons licenses on Wikipedia, but the gist of it is: make sure you give credit to the creator, do not edit it, and you must use the work for non-commercial purposes. In the Fickr search you can actually even specify and search CC-licensed items that allow commercial use and editing.

The Creative Commons website also offers a simple tool to create some nice HTML code for you to add to your own photos based on what type of license you would like to apply.

Thanks to Andrew Ferguson for the post and the free education!

4 Responses

  1. Hahaha you’re very welcome, Adrian! I’m glad you found my post useful.

    Is the wide-angle photo in your header one of your own photos or a cc-licensed shot from Flickr? If it’s yours, I’m curious to know what lens you were using.

  2. Actually it is a Canon S400 which is quite capable at doing photo stitching. It is actually much better than my Canon 10D which has much too much variation corner to corner. I still have to invest in one of those sweet ‘L’ class wide-angles.

  3. You know, we just ask for permission. In the wedding photography industry, brides are always grabbing shots to use for inspiration (why do you think there all the wedding photographers use watermarks on their photos).

    We just ask for permission, and then tell the photogs when we use their shots. They love it!

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