Woo Hoo! Its Christmas!!

E92 BMW M3 by Patrick Lenz

E92 BMW M3 by Patrick Lenz

For those of you that know me well, you are probably quite surprised it took me this long to make a car related post!

I got my electronic version of Car & Driver today, and it had the first full review of the new BMW M3! With 417HP in a very high-revving V8, what is not to like! Well, the review definitely doesn’t take any of the shine off. The only complaint is its price… (I think the people at Car & Driver forgot the $USD has dropped A LOT since the last model was released, which accounts for the ‘price increase’).

Well… there could be two more doors. 🙂

If they do bring a rumoured 4-dr version for NA (see spy shots), I will be getting in line!

Ooooo… I almost missed the video where you can hear the sweet engine and witness some very bad driving by automotive journalists!

4 Responses

  1. Four doors, huh? I quite distinctly remember you telling me when I had my Jag that having four doors was lame… I’m glad you finally came around. LOL damn, we’re getting old!

  2. Yep. The other thing I learned about 4-doors is that they tend to have a lot more structural rigidity (which typically leads to better handling) than coupes because of the extra b-pillar. So there is a performance angle as well. 😉 That said, the new 335i Coupe looks way better than my 4-door.

  3. If they come out with a 4-dr version, I’ll be getting a second job and be right behind you in line. But wouldn’t the 4-dr customers just buy a M5?

  4. No. My guess will be this thing will sell in Canada for $70-80K base vs. $113K base price of the M5. The $30-40K delta is a bit steep, especially since the reviews of the M5 have not been that stellar.

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