Klee Irwin – John Waters’ Illegitimate Love Child?

John WatersKlee Irwin

On the left, John Waters, famous ‘camp’ movie producer of such films as Hairspray and Cry-Baby. On the right, Klee Irwin of ‘Dual Action Cleanse’ infomercial fame.

Not only do they have a striking resemblance, sporting the same facial hair synonymous with sleaze, but they both specialize in creating truly entertaining video content!

Coincidence? I think not!

7 Responses

  1. Hilarious! Now that you mention it, they do resemble each other. I wonder if Klee had any bit part in “Crybaby” or “Polyester”??

  2. I’m a big fan of Klee Irwin. Not only him, but of Donald Barrett, Danny Vierra, Dean Graziosi, Kevin Trudeau and all the other Masters of Infomercials. I love infomercials.

    Sure, I do not believe a word said by any of these saints, but I enjoy their infomercials. To be honest, American basic Television is so crappy that the only ting in it that interests me these days is the Infomercials. I love the absurd and weird claims made in those, and the ability of the people appearing there to keep a straight face while telling blatant lies to suck you into their crap and sell you stuff that will help you in no way but will make their wallets fat. They deserve Oscars!

    Klee Irwin, like many other infomercials Messiahs, is my hero.

  3. i think klee irwin is a vampire, this man is dangerous, no toilet in america is safe while he allowed to walk among us. i think he uses dual action cleanse to get people into the church of satan!

  4. It sounds like AL is one of Klee’s many happy customers. 😉

  5. Yeah these guys are great, I mean these bo tards are losers , but what of the people that believe them…? really does this element really exist and does it have access to public office? My real question is Dean Grazios a transexual or what? I bet he was female at one point.

  6. I’ve been wondering about Dean Grazios myself. He has to be transgendered.

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