Flip this Hotel: Oakville Edition!

I suppose I watch a little too much of A&E’s ‘Flip this House’. I noticed this when I stayed at a dive of a hotel this weekend and focussed on its business opportunity instead of being grossed out! I figured, based on the way the place was being run, it would soon be in bankruptcy and the (good) location could be picked up for a song. Then run a camera crew through the place, set up a deal with TLC or A&E, and then put some lipstick on that pig whilst gaining the free publicity from the TV show.

The hotel in question is the Park Plaza Hotel on Oakville drive in Oakville, ON.

Now, I wish I had read this review before I had gone, because it captures the place pretty well! This explains a lot of my observations:

What they did right:

  • I didn’t notice anything moving in the room that shouldn’t have been
  • They upgraded me to the ‘Elite’ rooms (2 levels of upgrade) free of charge
  • There is a nice hole in the fence which gives you easy walking distance to a McDonalds and a Tim Hortons

What they did wrong:

  • Cobwebs in the rooms
  • Peeling paint and wallpaper
  • Front desk staff that really should find a vocation that doesn’t involve talking to people
  • Grass hasn’t seen water in ages (somehow even rainfall!)
  • The only reason I knew where to check in was because I stayed there 5 years before (there were NO signs)
  • They haven’t put any money into the place in 5 years (see above) and somehow even took some out!
  • The adjacent room had the curtains ripped down and were just left there making the whole place looking like a dive (they say looks can be deceiving, but not in this case!)
  • If that was an ‘Elite’ room, what do the others look like?!

Now the review states that they are going to level the building (good idea), but the bad idea is continuing to run a business while they wait for their business case to clear!


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