Perhaps the Funniest Infomercial of All Time

This shows on Spike TV. While the producer of this infomercial can’t believe their luck on getting on Spike TV, I don’t think they realize Spike actually gives them a slot because of the entertainment value, not primarily for the advertising revenue… have a look for yourself:

Now before you go running off to buy this product, make sure you read this rebuttal from a real doctor.

The pencil-mustachioed Klee Irwin has clearly found his niche in the world, watch him talk about his daughter’s bowel movements:

Now that Klee has developed a cult following, the mashups were inevitable:

3 Responses

  1. i was the one who made that “edited” version of the infomercial as well as the one I posted above.

    p.s.- when is the infomercial on spike tv?

  2. Nice work! If I recall, it was on Spike in the mornings around 7-9 AM EST. I will remember to take note of the next time I see it.

  3. […] Finally, to maintain my lack of a ‘Unifying Theme’, the last in my Top 5 list is about an observation I made of how similar Klee Irwin and John Waters look… judge for yourself! This was my second post about Klee, who came to my attention in his hilariously funny infomercials on dual-action cleanse. […]

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