The Benefit of Shooting the $#!T before the $#!T Hits the Fan!

People have no time, particularly managers in organizations that are in a terminal tactical mode of fighting fires.

This leads to a perpetual state of fire-fighting where managers can’t take the little time it takes to sit and talk in an unstructured manner with employees to get the feedback that will avoid big problems in the future.

This was reinforced by what appeared to be a ‘time wasting’ Friday afternoon discussion where several of my peers discussed some employee satisfaction issues that were were facing. As a result of this discussion, there were many new perspectives that came forward that I would have never heard in a more formal setting, or throught the regular process of project updates.

This way, the proactive manager can address these problems before they flare out of control. This is also a great means for a manager to build rapport with employees and give them the (hopefully correct) impression that the manager cares about their employees and is willing to spend the time to take roadblocks out of their way or at worst, let them vent their frustrations!


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