People quickly forget they are paid!

Observation: Leading a group of volunteers is great practice for real-world leadership.

I wish I would see more groups in large organizations run like they were volunteer organizations.  While the approach of “Do what I say, because I am your boss.” may be quite valid, I don’t think it will get people to go the extra mile for you.

If you manage a team of volunteers, you always have to consider, why is a particular person volunteering, what do they expect to get out of it and what motivates them?  If you don’t, they stop volunteering, and you don’t meet your objectives.  This is great incentive to make sure you exhibit the right behaviours that lead to long-term leadership success!

If you are a leader and you forget to take into account people’s goals and motivators, you will find that they won’t do more than the basic obligations their job.  Treat people like they aren’t getting paid, and they will always look for ways to do much more than their job requires!


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  1. […] that is why it is called work!” or “Why do they think we pay you to do this?” (see my previous blog on the latter […]

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